This article is from The Sedona Journal of Emergence

Sarrinn and The Masters of Light through Daniele DeVoe
August 2007

Are You a Shift Shaper?

 Lightworkers are choosing to activate worldwide to align clearly, elegantly, magnetically and promptly with the work which they volunteered to do. If you are reading this article then, chances are quite good, you are a lightworker and as such, we bid you welcome! Do you remember volunteering for this time… this job… this chaos? We know that some of you are able to access the memories of your Soul quite effectively and therefore are fully aware of your promise to serve. If you still cannot remember or you harbor any doubts about your purpose during this dynamic time, we hope that this channeling will help. [Note from the channel: With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy… Just before I sat down to channel this month’s article I had received an email with some of his humor (e.g.: ‘If your 4th of July picnic was canceled due to frost, you might be from Michigan.’) Sarrinn liked the format and this channeling is the result… Enjoy!]

There is a large group of lightworkers who specifically volunteered to help design and assist the shift of your dear Gaia and all the beloved beings who reside thereon (and therein). We call these wondrous helpers ‘shift shapers’ and we feel this title to be one of honor.

What are the signs that you or someone you know might be a shift shaper?

Well, if you are stuck in a job you dislike with people who are unaware of their divinity and yet you feel you cannot change to another job, you just might be a shift shaper! As such, do your work honestly and well and be aware that you are a healing light to that difficult workplace. Many shift shapers actually volunteered to ground light and love into places which lack both… not as a judge of negativity, but as one who sees the frequency of the light around them and has the ability to raise that frequency and lock in the new levels thereby lifting all those around them to new levels.

Does that mean that you must stay in a lousy job? No, of course not. But it does mean that you should do your work to the best of your ability, flow the light and help lift the vibration while you seek employment that enhances your own vibration. But doesn’t changing jobs mean that you will be shirking your duty with your present location? No! It means that you can accomplish that task from wherever you are and the happier you are, the more light you will have to stream to the difficult workplace.

If you are an optimist despite all the evidence that this is foolish, you just might be a shift shaper! Abraham (through Esther Hicks) has probably said it the most clearly: “There is simply nothing more important in your life than that you feel good.” If you want your life to improve you must think about and talk about and emote about those things that are good in your life and your dreams. If you want to help other’s lives to improve, you must resist gossip, avoid listening to lengthy and repetitious sad stories, stop allowing violence to be entertainment, eschew negative judgments and develop a Pollyanna attitude. At the end of the day, try asking yourself what went well with your day rather than what went wrong. As you complete a project that involves others, ask for their ideas to expand and improve the project rather than asking for their critique. As you observe friends and strangers alike, notice what is delightful about them rather than their heaviness, their facial wrinkles or their fashion sense. Optimism is not a disease to be avoided… it is the cure for most of your ills.

If you believe in angels, masters, fairies, gnomes, energy healing, ascension and so many other things which can not be proven by the scientific community, you just might be a shift shaper! Faith is believing in things without concrete proof. As you open yourself to believing in life other than what you see as your 3D and 4D reality, you open yourself to enjoying a whole new multitude of friends, and the most effective way that we know to accomplish this is to meditate. The doorway to other dimensions and to your own Soul experience is within. We do not suggest that you go within intending to find guides who will do your work for you… we suggest you go within to create a connection which will allow you to continue your life in the company of others (especially your own inner being) who are as dedicated to the healing of this planet as you are.

If you know the difference between anti-war protests and pro-peace rallies, you just might be a shift shaper! And as such, you probably find it remarkable that cogent, educated and caring people still don’t understand the energy implicit in every thought, every word, every action… Yes, old habits are hard to break… until you replace them with a new, highly vibrant pattern. Is it really more difficult to work toward peace than it is to work against war? Is it really more difficult to speak of positive things than it is to gossip about problems?

Sad to say, a great deal of the reason for the continued energy being poured into negativity is the adrenalin rush of drama. Most of you truly do get bored talking about good weather, successful projects, vibrant health, happy people… There’s a consensus that there is much more juice in storms, work issues, medical procedures and stressful situations. Would you watch the evening news if it were reporting positive news? Would you buy your newspaper if the headlines were filled with optimism?

Positive living is not boring nor is it without excitement… Shift shapers teach this concept by example…

If you have been an Attractionist [one who understands, believes in and practices the law of attraction] for decades, you just might be a shift shaper! And likewise, if you are a newly awakened Attractionist, you just might be a shift shaper! There is no course of study, degree or time requirement to your work as a shift shaper, all that is required is that you hold and emote the vibration of the world you wish to experience in the future. Shift shapers also realize that they don’t even need to be aligned with anyone else’s version of the future to have impact and to succeed. As you join in, love the potential so much that you help it to arrive joyfully and elegantly and, if you can, imagine that the results of this remarkable effort for the growth of this planet are wondrous, elegant, joyful, peace-filled and blessed. You are the designer of the future you will live…

If you see the God in everyone and in everything, you just might be a shift shaper! Sophisticated societies teach people to analyze, understand and repair the problems. This creates a focus on what is going wrong which can only increase the difficulty. Shift shapers analyze, understand and expand the successes of the projects in their lives. This is easy for them because they see the divine energy of  everything and thus they live their lives as visionaries who inspire and teach by their example of clarity and truth. Wouldn’t it be interesting if all analysis began with the assumption that the issue is divine at some level and that by pursuing that divinity the issue can be elevated and healed?

If you understand the concept of no time, you just might be a shift shaper! Have you met people who are so time oriented that they are horrified at the thought that time as it is used in the 4D world does not really exist? Shift shapers not only understand the true definition of time (i.e. pure motion), but elegantly use 4D time as a tool for organizing their day while using 5D time as a tool to flow. This is truly multi-dimensional living!

If you recycle, you just might be a shift shaper and you also understand that recycling is simply the tip of the iceberg. It is time for science to be encouraged and supported in its efforts to save Gaia. Clean, affordable energy, successful waste management, cleansing of the waters, the air and the earth are urgent… not as new, money-making industries but as industries which support healthy life even as they are financially successful.

If you love your personality but live as your Soul, you just might be a shift shaper! Successful enlightened living begins within. Shift shapers understand that if they do not love themselves as they are right now with no changes, they will never find the doorway to their own sacred heart centers. If you have difficulty with the concept of self love, begin simply… begin with loving one thing about yourself, knowing that as you focus on that one beloved facet of you, it, and the love, will expand and you will find more about you which is lovable. As you do this for yourself, do this for others, too…

If you release karma and joyfully accept responsibility for your life experience, you just might be a shift shaper! Karma was constructed to keep people in order in societies where morality and responsibility were lacking. There is no vengeful deity waiting for you with a list of your sins with appropriate punishments attached. Source does not make judgments and withhold forgiveness until you have paid for your trespasses. Shift shapers live by the law of grace with no outside guilt or monitoring process required to live life as an asset to creation.

If intuition is a natural and beloved part of your life, you just might be a shift shaper! When intuition is a natural part of life, you tend to live in the moment and with feeling. Also, beings who use their intuition lavishly are not fearful because they understand that they create their own realities and that intuitive insights help them to mold their lives consciously and joyfully. Intuition is a tool that is always a byproduct of a spiritual and loving life. It can, of course, be achieved in other ways, but it is always achieved through love.

If you dare to love yourself first, you just might be a shift shaper! It has been said and written ad nauseum, if you have no love in your heart for yourself, you will not experience the quantity or quality of love that is available for you to give. Awake beings fill themselves with love perpetually and they share that love and its overflow perpetually as well. Love… Source… is limitless. Love’s flow will never end. Fill yourself, dear shift shaper, and even as you bathe in its magnificence, allow it to spill from you to your world and all who are participating with her. It is the work you volunteered to do and this is the time to do it.

If you dare to receive gloriously, you just might be a shift shaper! The day of the martyr is over… or at least that is the intention. As you shine your light on truth, love and growth, part of what will be taught is the truth about Soul. You (and every other conscious being) are a Divine Soul which is learning, experiencing and growing. Your life is eternal despite the mortality of your present body/vehicle. The experience you came here for requires receiving and if that receiving is in balance with giving, so much the better. Dear shift shaper, receive the light that shines all around you… receive the love that flows to you incessantly… receive the abundance, joy, experience, health, freedom… receive the grace that is yours. And as you receive, give thanks and promulgate the overflow of love and light worldwide.

If you defend other people’s diverse realities even while you maintain the freedom to live your own, you just might be a shift shaper because you have learned the truth that we each create our own reality and we each experience our own reality and no one’s reality is any better, more important or more real than any one else’s. Part of what Souls came to this world to experience is the group energy that results from the alignment of so many different individuals. This, however, is about aligning, not about conquering, relinquishing or surrendering to another’s reality…

If your prime directive is love, if you know that all the answers you seek are within you and that is true for every conscious being on this planet, and if you believe in the possibility of world peace, you just might be a shift shaper!

Shift shaper, you are here to help the world evolve with elegance, gentleness, love and delight. Begin with yourself, expand to all that is… This is the time, this is the opportunity… you are the one.


Sarrinn and The Masters of Light

© 2007 Daniele DeVoe